MistyWest is a product development partner that acts as the bridge from lab to assembly line for intelligent and connected devices

 @MistyWestYVR We're looking for a #SystemsEngineer to join the #MistyWest team. Because we develop products in many innovative an… https://t.co/1IQi1ArOk5          @MistyWestYVR MistyWest is looking for an experienced Systems Engineer to join our team! What can you expect from life as a Westi… https://t.co/1qAqRm5zvD          @MistyWestYVR Please welcome MistyWest's newest Mechanical Engineer Victor Yu to the team! Victor is driven by the possibilities… https://t.co/dYidoawCc6          @MistyWestYVR MistyWest is looking for a #SystemsEngineer who can deliver a best-in-class client experience. Read our posting on… https://t.co/BRf9JB0YdZ          @MistyWestYVR Over the past 8 months, MistyWest rapidly developed an engineering validation prototype for all electronics and fir… https://t.co/QfRHtP8Za3          @MistyWestYVR Every (other) month we highlight a different member of the MistyWest team for our blog. This June meet Madison, a c… https://t.co/3G0E82Coj3          @MistyWestYVR Please welcome Tony Jackson, our newest #MechatronicsEngineer, to the MistyWest team! Tony has worked as a mechanic… https://t.co/HxM7Ofn5NS          @MistyWestYVR RT @IdeonInc: This is #BCinnovation at its best. Ideon has partnered with the amazing @MistyWestYVR team to advance the sophisticated syste…          @MistyWestYVR . @Fermilab's accelerator makes its own #muons; the indirect products of #cosmicrays colliding with particles in Ea… https://t.co/vWeah7ryQD          @MistyWestYVR @Leigh_Christie Why limit to the last 20 years? Fashion trends has been cyclical for the last hundred!          @MistyWestYVR Going live right now! Join our webinar on Making a Positive Impact Through Data & Emerging Tech with @core77,… https://t.co/bryPtxIMY9          @MistyWestYVR Tomorrow, May 13 is our #VancouverHardwareMeetup webinar with @core77 Making a Positive Impact Through Data & Emerg… https://t.co/6qedLxyjtS          @MistyWestYVR @Doctor_Astro Yes to more cat content!          @MistyWestYVR Agriculture faces the pressing mission of improving earth’s ability to capture atmospheric carbon; and a recent pol… https://t.co/iH0Czx4ove          @MistyWestYVR How can #DataScience and #EmergingTechnology help shape tangible, world-changing products and expedite development?… https://t.co/f336wjspic          @MistyWestYVR Thanks @core77 for writing about about our next #VancouverHardwareMeetup! Read on to learn more about our virtual… https://t.co/w3uHVyT2Cb          @MistyWestYVR Thanks @EPTmagazine for featuring Justin Lam and Kevin Lockwood's blog post on how MistyWest improved the battery l… https://t.co/LYpoZ7m483          @MistyWestYVR @jotkali It varies, year to year.          @MistyWestYVR Our webinar 'Making a Positive Impact Through Data & Emerging Tech' w/ @core77 is on May 13! We're excited to have… https://t.co/lmz0256KQG          @MistyWestYVR Since 2014, MistyWest has organized quarterly team development sessions where we strategize goals for the company,… https://t.co/bFl6JwvyyK         

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