Mon, Jan 7 2019
1pm – 2pm PST

Join Andreas Putz for a Hardware Massive webinar introduction to building connected devices on embedded platforms (Raspberry Pi, Nvidia TX2, Nvidia Xavier) using the Robot Operating System (ROS), Keras and AWS IoT. You can sign up for the webinar here.


In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Guide the hardware and firmware selection,
  • Programmatically deploy an AWS cloud instance to communicate with your device,
  • Create a simple device side Python client,
  • Use ROS to interact with a camera (USB, Raspicam compatible)
  • Use the Keras API to write a simple object detector on the device
  • Use ROS to send the classification data to AWS



  • Linux Laptop running Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04
  • [optional] – Raspberry Pi (running Ubuntu Core or Ubuntu Mate)
  • Note: Any other Linux OS will work too, but the installation of ROS will be a little different.
  • A link to the source code for this workshop will be provided closer to the date of the webinar.


About Andreas

Andreas Putz is a Scientific Computing expert with eight years experience in the fuel cell industry. He is an experienced team lead of geographically distributed and technically diverse teams with deep technical knowledge in mathematical modeling and data analysis. He currently works at MistyWest.

Visit the Hardware Massive site to learn more about the webinar and other exciting events coming up in the near future!