The Misties

Top 20 Individual Leaders in Intelligent and Connected Devices

The first annual ‘Top 20 Leaders in Intelligent and Connected Devices’ awards (AKA The Misties) are for contemporary and active inventors, hackers, engineers, product designers, and business leaders who have made the most profound impact when it comes to intelligent and connected devices, and are bringing great technological advances to the world.

We’re looking for the following to help make The Misties a success:

Nominations for individual leaders who are making waves in IoT products

Award Nomination Form

Nominations for judges to select the finalists for the Top 20 Leaders in Intelligent and Connected Devices

Judge Nomination Form

Applications for media partners and prize partners

Partner Application


The Misties Details


Early 2022


Location TBA


To be announced


NOV 10

10 Judges in place

NOV 25

3 Prize Partners in Place

DEC 15

Award nominations close
30 Judges in Place

JAN 3, 2022

Judges select Top 50 finalists

JAN 4, 2022

Top 50 finalists are notified

JAN 27, 2022

Judges select Top 20 finalists

FEB 15, 2022

Judges rank ordering is due

FEB 20, 2022

Winners are announced

The Misties Judges

Our judging panel is made up of industry leaders in hardware development, from engineers and entrepreneurs to producers and founders, to provide the highest quality judging for our awards.


Contact MistyWest cofounder Leigh Christie at [email protected]


  • Individuals from an engineering, design or product management background with experience working on intelligent and connected devices
  • Leaders who have inspired others, made prolific contributions through their work in IoT, and worked on at least one device that has been deployed at scale and is still in production today.
  • Have made really cool and groundbreaking tech
  • The positive impact their devices have had on the world, in terms of advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals
  • From the following industries: Big Tech, B2B Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Robotics, AgTech, ForestryTech, MiningTech, Medical Devices, Health and Wellness Devices, Smart Cities, Home IoT, Industry 4.0, VR


  • 5+ years of experience working on or with intelligent and connected devices
  • Currently working for a fortune 500 company or post series A startup
  • 3 to 5 hours time commitment to holding adjudicate
  • Not currently nominated for a Mistie award


  • Fortune 500 Companies and Startups
  • Consumer electronics (eg. VR headsets, smart heaphones, connected toothbrushes)
  • Intelligent and connected devices that have near universal appeal (eg. smart watches, smart speakers)
  • Home automation IoT devices (eg. smart lightbulbs, smart doorbells, thermostats)
  • AI hardware, such as GPUs
  • Hacker / maker hardware