Top 20 Individual
Leaders in Intelligent
and Connected Devices

The Misties Awards for the ‘Top 20 Individual Leaders in Intelligent and Connected Devices’ are for contemporary inventors, hackers, engineers, product designers, and business leaders who are bringing great technological advances to the world.

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2023 Misties Awards Shortlist

  • Muxin Ma
    Muxin Ma is a leader in the automotive industry, successfully spearheading the commercialization of Wireless intelligent sensing to monitor passenger vitals and save countless lives worldwide.
  • Raj Seelam
    Raj Seelam is an entrepreneur who has created the world’s only commercially available low-cost air quality monitor with AI/ML capabilities, helping to improve air quality and reduce global air pollution costs.
  • Lindsey Sunden
    Lindsey Sunden led hardware development at Bump, Fitbit, and Google’s Consumer Health Research Team, and has contributed to better global health metrics monitoring for well-being.
  • Matthew Anderson
    Matthew Anderson is an innovator who has commercialized an autonomous vehicle capable of reducing CO2 emissions and improving health and safety.
  • Roberto Bortoletto
    Roberto Bortoletto is an expert in machine learning algorithms for edge intelligent sensing nodes who has commercialized several wearables and IoT multi-sensor devices.
  • Ryan LaFrance
    Ryan LaFrance is an experienced engineer and inventor who has contributed significantly to connected fitness devices, as well as improving the efficiency of residential power meters.
  • Andy Hill
    Andy Hill is an entrepreneur who has developed 3 major bioacoustic sensors and commercialized AudioMoth, which has been deployed worldwide to study biodiversity and the climate’s impact on wildlife.
  • Doug Schouten
    Doug Schouten is a driving force behind the commercial application of the subsurface geophysics technique muon tomography, leveraging cosmic rays from space to see beneath the Earth’s surface.
  • Liam Bates
    Liam Bates is the CEO of Kaiterra, a company that provides a complete air quality optimization platform to help companies assess and improve their indoor air quality for greater well-being.
  • Limor Fried
    Limor Fried is the founder of Adafruit, who sells hundreds of products to enable electronics development and exploration, and the first female engineer to grace the cover of Make Magazine.
  • Michele Ammendola
    Michele Ammendola is an entrepreneur who has developed a set of systems for remote cloud management of heating and cooling systems to reduce energy consumption and optimize comfort.
  • Nader Elm
    Nader Elm has championed the world’s most advanced autonomous aerial scanning system and the world’s most rapid mobile geospatial reality capture system.
  • Vincent Clerc
    Vincent Clerc is a disruptor in the field of robotics, having created the mass-produced humanoid robots Pepper and Nao, with over 150,000 units deployed in real-world applications.
  • Anne Pauley
    Anne Pauley is a product design engineer who worked on the Quest Pro, and is focused on becoming an industry leader of sustainable manufacturing.
  • Aurora Andújar
    Aurora Andújar is an award-winning innovator who has commercialized her Virtual Antenna technology, revolutionizing the way smart devices are designed and productized.
  • Bryson Gardner
    Bryson Gardner is a product manager at Apple who ran the first iPod nano program, and was the director of PMs for the iPhone team, helping to lead Apple’s rise to success.
  • Daniel Myers
    Dan Myers is working towards advancing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through intelligent HVAC control solutions and providing an on-ramp to electrification nationwide.
  • Jordan Ruderman
    Jordan Ruderman is an experienced test engineer with a long history of developing world-class products, and is currently leading embedded systems for the only self-driving company with fully integrated manufacturing at scale.
  • Marty Evans
    Marty Evans is a designer who has created products ranging from HP Printers to HTC/Valve VR headsets, and is currently working on AR Systems to push technology forward and bring people closer together.
  • Monica Plath
    Monica Plath is a mom-inventor who has created the LittleBird connected care device, which allows parents to ensure the health and well-being of their children while they return to work.
  • NL Shasha Jumbe, PhD
    Shasha Jumbe, PhD is revolutionizing healthcare with his innovative Vibrome™ platform, aimed at providing comprehensive birth-to-death living soundscapes to enable early disease detection and maximize healthspan.
  • Ryan Wartena
    Ryan Wartena is an entrepreneur regarded as the “Godfather of Power Systems”, and is actively working to reduce Co2 emissions through intelligent and connected devices.
  • Saar Moisa
    Saar Moisa has successfully commercialized the Globe Mapping and Ablation System; a complex medical device used to treat Atrial Fibrillation.
  • Angela Liao
    Angela Liao has successfully commercialized products such as Tesla Model Y 7 Seaters, and has led a study to provide input for Google’s hardware sustainability strategy for achieving net zero by 2030.
  • Carlyn Loncaric
    Carlyn Loncaric is an award-winning entrepreneur, whose successfully commercialized AquaEye device has the potential to save lives by using AI to detect bodies in water.
  • Daanvir Dhir
    Daanvir Dhir has helped launch Lomi, an appliance that accelerates the composting process and is on a fast-track to divert over 100 billion kilos of food waste from landfills.
  • David Leboe
    Dave is a professional engineer and VP of Product Development for Ekona, a company developing a novel methane pyrolysis solution for clean hydrogen production.
  • Dean Priebe
    Dean Priebe is an intralogistics champion who is helping to power the future of commerce with automated solutions for manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution environments.
  • Gianluca Redolfi
    Gianluca Redolfi is breaking ground by merging cellular terrestrial telecom and satellite connectivity, providing cost-effective technology to enable massive IoT in remote areas.
  • Greg Stewart
    Greg Stewart has commercialized data products in various industries, and is dedicated to developing sustainable practices for responsible production.
  • Ian Stadler
    Ian Stadler is an experienced SoC developer who works for the AgTech company Semios, building intelligent and connected devices that help sustainably manage pests and water.
  • Ihor Lys
    Ihor Lys is a pioneer in the world of connected lighting who has commercialized millions of his inventions around the world to make cities more beautiful and energy-efficient.
  • Josselin de la Broise
    Josselin de la Broise has a number of BLE-related patents, and has been working on Tile since its inception, having led firmware efforts across Life360 and Jiobit.
  • Kevin R. Hart
    Kevin R. Hart is a commercial inventor who founded HAVEN IAQ; an intelligent and connected device that focuses on improving indoor air quality.
  • Shreyas Sen
    Shreyas Sen is an innovator who has commercialized Wi-R wireless technology, enabling high speed data communication using the human body.
  • Kriti Pachhandara
    Kriti Pachhandara has worked on the Oura ring, helping hundreds of thousands of people improve their health and well being, as well as solutions architecture and edge hardware at KONE.
  • Brian Shumaker
    Brian Shumaker is the founder of Beaded Stream LLC, a company that designs and builds temperature monitoring and satellite communication equipment used to monitor climate change and its impacts.
  • Chris Coleman
    Chris Coleman is a founding team member of Memfault, an IoT reliability platform that enables teams to build more robust connected devices at scale and helps customers accelerate go-to-market.
  • Ibrahim Elchami
    Ibrahim Elchami is a cofounder of multiple tech companies and an R&D consultant who has won numerous awards for his research and development of IoT, AI, and smart solutions.
  • Matt Mickelson
    Matt Mickelson has played a crucial role in many game-changing products, such as the original Microsoft Surface, and has partnered with M-Kopa Solar in Kenya to help further the goal of affordable and clean energy.
  • Sean Daniel
    Sean Daniel is a highly innovative engineer working at Open Ocean Robotics who has successfully commercialized products to help react to flooding or wildfire situations.
  • Dean Kawaguchi
    Dean Kawaguchi has made groundbreaking contributions to WiFi, RFID, as well as improving food quality, availability and reducing overall food waste.
  • Dr. Suzanne Gildert
    Dr. Suzanne Gildert is a trail-blazer in the field of AI-enabled robotics, having designed and commercially deployed one of the world’s first humanoid general-purpose robots.
  • Brett Byer
    Brett Byer is an experienced IoT engineer who creates robust solutions that bridge the gap between data and actionable insights, empowering users in even the most remote or unreliable areas.

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