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 @MistyWestYVR While we as consumers need to put more effort into reducing use of single-use items in general, we need to push for… https://t.co/gsPJ9ppzHF          @MistyWestYVR "So what does it all mean? The prominent narrative about AI and robots is that they are learning to interact with h… https://t.co/c3UMWCUVz2          @MistyWestYVR One small step towards big impact. @adidas @FastCompany #sustainabledesign #positiveimpact #recycledmaterials https://t.co/ohahIBeEWm          @MistyWestYVR "The accelerator, which is part of the Mayo Clinic Arizona State University Alliance for Health Care, was designed… https://t.co/PRdtnEkYBc          @MistyWestYVR It's always great hearing more good news about the impact of #cleanenergy on the planet. "In most of the U.S. today… https://t.co/Joogcb1Pvj          @MistyWestYVR "...Verizon is in the midst of a sustainability evolution, pushed along by global moves toward more environmentally… https://t.co/2bYagSvQtI          @MistyWestYVR "On a small island in the remote South Pacific, a one-month-old baby was the world’s first child to be given a vacc… https://t.co/RZ1MLH4HfD          @MistyWestYVR RT @UN: Trillions of microplastic particles are already in our oceans. On Monday's #EarthDay, learn how you can help #BeatPlasticPollutio…          @MistyWestYVR Let's hear it for the younger generation! https://t.co/riuTRSDtEj          @MistyWestYVR "The #ButterflyIQ is about the size of an electric shaver. It is battery-powered and contains microchips rather tha… https://t.co/nOhLvaB36x          @MistyWestYVR Not as experienced on a bicycle as your friends? The @CopenhagenWheel is a beautiful piece of modern engineering th… https://t.co/kxpGA7qxs2          @MistyWestYVR Infrastructure across the country is crumbling, and we haven’t made the investments and reforms necessary to keep t… https://t.co/SImrtA5qM6          @MistyWestYVR In 2017, we partnered with @FatigueScience--who developed the wearable sleep monitoring tech the #ChicagoCubs were… https://t.co/v0W9LsIGfi          @MistyWestYVR Vancouver Economic Commission presents the 2018 'State of Vancouver's Green Economy' https://t.co/ZjBMbMxcXk https://t.co/Mly25hqFz1          @MistyWestYVR The @WWF wants you to know the state of the planet this #EarthDay, and what it's looking like for future generation… https://t.co/IFCw8RJAPd          @MistyWestYVR "Such technology could be particularly valuable for teenage drivers because mile after mile, the system would remin… https://t.co/65IlsU9icl          @MistyWestYVR @vancouvereconomic is helping existing businesses throughout the city green their operations. Reach out if you are… https://t.co/4MUkXq0VAm          @MistyWestYVR The richest 10% of the planet have up to 40% of global income, and this number continues to rise. The @UNDP's… https://t.co/vDaIaxATBu          @MistyWestYVR We are excited to announce that @alexdaly__ and @MistyWestYVR are hosting a panel on incorporating sustainable prac… https://t.co/fBc29XD9jq          @MistyWestYVR #DriveElectricEarthDay is an opportunity to highlight clean energy by including electric vehicles in different comm… https://t.co/QQweRI7jal         

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