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 @MistyWestYVR We are proud to announce that we are officially a trusted partner of @ST_World. This relationship is non-exclusive,… https://t.co/K7GIUZNFhI          @MistyWestYVR "The rabbit-sized heart was made from a patient’s own cells and tissues, using techniques that could help to increa… https://t.co/BsHWIBQD8s          @MistyWestYVR The next edition of #TechVAN is on Tuesday, July 9th @RoundhouseCC! Don’t miss out - Tickets available now at https://t.co/VRfIrqc6S5          @MistyWestYVR In 2016, we conducted #mechanicaldesign of a batch coffee brewer in a 12 week timeline. If you want to know more ab… https://t.co/TioCUHQdnz          @MistyWestYVR Madison visited the Bay area the other weekend to check out what @sfdesignweek had to offer. You can read her round… https://t.co/1lGwJB1z4g          @MistyWestYVR MistyWest has undergone some corporate restructuring since Jan 2019 to help improve our workflow. If you're curious… https://t.co/dTkpI4fZFY          @MistyWestYVR "We think the fastest way to clean the ocean is to learn by doing." https://t.co/XR0lvchUR5          @MistyWestYVR From #circularity to #behaviorchange, it's all in @reconsideredco's essential summer reading list for #CSR,… https://t.co/QVpeBLnpNL          @MistyWestYVR We are prone to using the same thinking and ideas to try to solve issues. By expanding and “thinking wrong” we can… https://t.co/s9KIbKKEG4          @MistyWestYVR We hit up @NewDealDesign’s open house during the @sfdesignweek studio crawl last night. Thanks for being gracious h… https://t.co/jzg0545wLX          @MistyWestYVR Steve Cooper, our Director of Security, will be in the #CorgiRace this Saturday at @HastingsRaces! Come see him rac… https://t.co/omOAoE2lcF          @MistyWestYVR "The country’s steady decline in public funding for mental health services has made police the de facto first respo… https://t.co/8ld48d6TBt          @MistyWestYVR "After playing with the robot, Bezos let out his trademark evil laugh." https://t.co/bnlhcW9fQS          @MistyWestYVR RT @FatigueScience: Congrats to Fatigue Science client, Toronto Raptors, on becoming World Champions! #raptors #worldchamps https://t.co/ku…          @MistyWestYVR We believe in iteration. Sketch, erase, revisit, remake until you get it right. #processpic #industrialdesign https://t.co/6ZS1QI1pdX          @MistyWestYVR @deelatonline Happy to do business with you, @deelatonline!          @MistyWestYVR Fresh from the MistyWest blog! Phil tears down a @simplehuman sensor pump in the name of research.… https://t.co/wqghQvSv3q          @MistyWestYVR Thank you to all who attended our #VancouverHardwareMeetup last Thurs with @searchinsideyou! We hope you enjoyed it… https://t.co/WX3ODLz9X2          @MistyWestYVR "Most business leaders understand the diversity part of diversity and inclusion... It’s the inclusion part that elu… https://t.co/5pguPlB3ZU          @MistyWestYVR "Supermarkets in Vietnam have adopted an initiative from Thailand that makes use of banana leaves instead of plasti… https://t.co/MvqUKRA8Oj         

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