MistyWest is a product development partner that acts as the bridge from lab to assembly line for intelligent and connected devices

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 @MistyWestYVR Thanks for the tweet! https://t.co/mQX2CwgiUZ          @MistyWestYVR MistyWest CEO Taylor Cooper recently sat down with @groupgetscom to talk about our partnership with @RenesasGlobal… https://t.co/V8JyCmz7Ii          @MistyWestYVR RT @councillorwiebe: Thanks @MistyWestYVR for hosting a great community conversation on how smart technologies will continue to be a tool u…          @MistyWestYVR A great night! We had 60 guests join us for a discussion around building #smartcities and viewing the demo for our… https://t.co/RwzFfg933g          @MistyWestYVR Can't make the Vancouver Hardware Meetup tonight? You can join us for the livestream via Crowdcast at 6pm PDT.… https://t.co/MBgUKXv3J2          @MistyWestYVR There's still tickets available for this week's Vancouver Hardware Meetup. Join us for food, drinks, mingling and a… https://t.co/GeCqTh9iZM          @MistyWestYVR RT @groupgetscom: We caught up with @MistyWestYVR 's CEO, Taylor Cooper, to chat about their newest, power-optimized computer vision SOM: t…          @MistyWestYVR Not in Vancity? Can't make our #VancouverHardwareMeetup on intelligent and connected cities Sept 15? We'll be live… https://t.co/BXMESWTQqf          @MistyWestYVR We've got a hardware meetup coming up on Thurs, Sept 15. Join us for food, drinks and a panel discussion about… https://t.co/wUfSCVG98G          @MistyWestYVR RT @iotforall: Follow along as @MistyWestYVR dives into computing on the #cloud versus on the #edge. Learn more in this article! https://t…          @MistyWestYVR Embedded computers are becoming a significant part of almost every piece of the technology we use in our lives. On… https://t.co/wEXeQVJDU3          @MistyWestYVR RT @thehomekeygg: Hey Vancouver! Misty West will be hosting a panel discussion on Sept 15th @thehomekeygg about trends in embedded vision,…          @MistyWestYVR Our Vancouver Hardware Meetup "Intelligent & Connected Cities: The Future of Embedded Vision" is coming up on Sept… https://t.co/sw78vRKl4Y          @MistyWestYVR Can't make our upcoming Vancouver Hardware Meetup on Sept 15? We're also live streaming this event dedicated to con… https://t.co/dJlUivgwmO          @MistyWestYVR In this "Meet a Westie" video, Victor Yu explains why his work at MistyWest helps keep him inspired and motivated t… https://t.co/5vrOaOt3Uz          @MistyWestYVR Software Engineer and former Westie Jason Choi explains how applicable #ServerlessArchitecture is for data processi… https://t.co/5utaNE8smu          @MistyWestYVR What #wirelessprotocol should you use for your asset tracker? We look at some considerations in this clip from a p… https://t.co/Eq2PHfywaI          @MistyWestYVR MistyWest was subcontracted to develop an #IoT controlled signage prototype for #AmazonFresh in 2016. Since then, w… https://t.co/0kTt6RONzq          @MistyWestYVR User research is the only way to achieve an understanding of the people who are going to use your product. Ask us… https://t.co/Ha4q5AwLoi          @MistyWestYVR In this "Meet a Westie" video, Firmware Engineer Siddhant Modi explains how using his engineering skills as a "sens… https://t.co/X9iqSd7vMM         

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Client Showcase: Ideon Technologies

Client Showcase

Enabling Low Power Computer Vision Applications with MistySOM

Computer Vision

Embedded Vision: Trends in Batteries, Compute, and Connectivity

Computer Vision

Vancouver Hardware Meetup

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