Economic development, geopolitical uncertainty, and climate change are all driving demand for critical minerals.

At the same time, resource depletion is increasing the cost of developing new mines due to a shift towards more remote and technically challenging locations.

MistyWest has a proven track record of helping Mining Tech companies innovate to overcome these challenges.


  • Rapidly iterating new concepts to create disruptive solutions
  • Multidisciplinary expertise for enabling the creation of novel sensors
  • Developing rugged products for mining applications

By exploring the early feasibility of radically new concepts, MistyWest is enabling the mining sector to undergo a transformation that reduces carbon emissions, improves worker safety, and conducts mineral exploration with greater accuracy.


Download our full capabilities statement to discover how we collaborate with clients to create innovative solutions for a prosperous global community.



MistyWest miniaturized prototype muon tomographers that harness cosmic rays from space and are capable of providing x-ray-like visibility up to 1 km beneath the Earth’s surface.


Fatigue Science’s low power sleep monitoring wristband required a design update, including battery optimization that would extend its lifespan from 7 days to 30.

Our team brings deep expertise in  implementing solutions from the edge to the cloud.

MistyWest’s engineering physics background allows a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of scientific discoveries.

We’re here to empower customers to seamlessly transition their connected devices from the lab to the field.

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