Embedded intelligence is the integration of algorithms and artificial intelligence directly into devices to enable smart functionality at the edge.

The rapidly changing tech landscape demands specialized skills for building intelligent embedded systems with complex integration of hardware, software, and algorithms.


  • Creating hardware to enable the understanding of an environment or energy production process
  • Developing custom multi-modal high resolution localization solutions
  • Distributing intelligence between cloud and embedded compute platforms
  • Deploying custom algorithms for embedded systems

By leveraging MistyWest’s deep expertise and long-term partnerships, customers can accelerate the development of intelligent embedded systems. MistyWest provides fast and efficient support in productizing low-power embedded intelligence systems through the utilization of system-on-modules created in collaboration with Renesas.


Download our full capabilities statement to discover how we collaborate with clients to create innovative solutions for a prosperous global community.



MistyWest partnered with Renesas to develop our first internal product called the ‘MistySOM’ built around the Renesas RZ/G2L and RZ/V2L MPUs.

light ai

MistyWest redesigned a pre-existing prototype of a handheld computer vision diagnostic device so that it would meet the Internal Review Board (IRB)’s usability and deployment requirements of a clinical setting.


HAVEN (formerly TZOA) wanted to develop a compact, multi-sensor device capable of monitoring indoor air quality and providing a platform for data aggregation – all while keeping the product at a consumer price of less than $200 a unit. Hey, we said we love a hard problem!


MistyWest miniaturized prototype muon tomographers that harness cosmic rays from space and are capable of providing x-ray-like visibility up to 1 km beneath the Earth’s surface.


We’re helping Mining Tech companies innovate to overcome challenges related to worker safety and mineral exploration.

Clean Tech

We build partnerships with organizations who are seeking novel solutions for our planet’s most pressing environmental issues.

Smart Infrastructure

Our team’s expertise in sensor development and embedded intelligence helps companies create new solutions for human-made environments.

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