Connected sensors are empowering people to understand the world at a scale that was previously impossible. 

With over a decade of experience in developing low-power sensors, MistyWest empowers customers to seamlessly transition their devices from the lab to the field.


  • Optimizing systems to create ultra-power-efficient sensors
  • Design of robust power and data bus solutions for wired distributed sensors
  • Designing custom rugged radios for BLE, WiFi, Cellular, and Satellite
  • Enabling remote device updates and monitoring at scale

Working with MistyWest means you can stop worrying about over-the air-updates or device management back-ends. We bring strong partnerships with leading components suppliers like ST and Nordic Semiconductor to create custom sensors when no off-the-shelf option is suitable for getting the job done.


Download our full capabilities statement to discover how we collaborate with clients to create innovative solutions for a prosperous global community.



MistyWest miniaturized prototype muon tomographers that harness cosmic rays from space and are capable of providing x-ray-like visibility up to 1 km beneath the Earth’s surface.

Light AI

MistyWest redesigned a pre-existing prototype of a handheld computer vision diagnostic device so that it would meet the Internal Review Board (IRB)’s usability and deployment requirements of a clinical setting.


As climate change progresses, the evolving behavioural and migration patterns of polar bears has made it difficult to reliably track their locations. WWF and IDEO reached out to MistyWest to design an Argos based tracking device to help solve this problem.


MistyWest was responsible for architecture design, enclosure design, experimentation and production of the first 5 devices of a first-of-its-kind lifesaving product for VodaSafe; a handheld sweeping sonar technology intended to quickly scan underwater for drowning victims.


We’re helping Mining Tech companies innovate to overcome challenges related to worker safety and mineral exploration.

Clean Tech

We build partnerships with organizations who are seeking novel solutions for our planet’s most pressing environmental issues.

Smart Infrastructure

Our team’s expertise in sensor development and embedded intelligence helps companies create new solutions human-made environment.

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