Improving our understanding of the human-made environment is a massive lever for creating a safer and more sustainable society.

MistyWest’s experience in sensor development and embedded intelligence helps companies large and small create new solutions for problems like air quality, supply chain efficiency, and pedestrian safety.


  • Creating custom sensors and intelligent camera systems
  • Building scalable IoT solutions for sensor systems
  • Informing product development with user research and design thinking methodology

New possibilities are opening up for smart infrastructure not only in cities and urban environments, but remote and difficult to access regions. MistyWest’s multidisciplinary expertise in computer vision and embedded systems is bringing the application of these technologies, from traffic lights to warehouse robots, closer to home.


Download our full capabilities statement to discover how we collaborate with clients to create innovative solutions for a prosperous global community.



Attabotics brought on MistyWest to support ideation and development for adding a supplementary Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor to their wheeled-ANT robots – with a requirement of 99.999% accuracy.


MistyWest was subcontracted to develop a prototype for AmazonFresh’s new rapid grocery pickup service. This entailed designing a unit according to the client’s existing Industrial Design Volume, in addition to being resistant to the variables of outdoor climate, and meeting requirements of UL certification.


HAVEN (formerly TZOA) wanted to develop a compact, multi-sensor device capable of monitoring indoor air quality and providing a platform for data aggregation – all while keeping the product at a consumer price of less than $200 a unit. Hey, we said we love a hard problem!

google sidewalk labs

FEA Simulation

Conducted preliminary structural analysis for modular residences.

Our team brings deep expertise in  implementing solutions from the edge to the cloud.

MistyWest’s engineering physics background allows a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of scientific discoveries.

We’re here to empower customers to seamlessly transition their connected devices from the lab to the field.

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