Sept 20, 2022

Embedded Vision and Connected Intelligence for Industrial IoT 

In this interview with Kudzai Manditereza of Industry 40 TV, MistyWest CEO and Principal engineer Taylor Cooper discusses the latest trends and developments in IIOT, and how MistyWest and Renesas tackled the chip shortage with a low power SOM based around the Renesas RZ/V2L.


0:00​ – Introduction
1:26 – MistyWest, Embedded Vision & IIoT
2:41 – Latest Trends in Industrial IoT, and Chip Shortage
4:12 – Google IoT Core Retirement, IoT Boom and Bust
7:23 – MQTT in IIoT and Computer Vision
11:49 – Delivering AI Capabilites for IoT with Renesas RZ/V2L Based System on Module
15:40 – Potential Applications of Low Power System on Module in Connected Intelligence,
21:37 – Workflow for developing Embedded Vision for Connected Products
29:32 – AI versus Rules-Based Image Processing in Embedded vision
34:09 – Selecting Embedded Vision Middleware
36:15 – Selecting wireless connectivity for Embedded Vision Applications



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