Thurs, May 24 2018

Gimme Some Space!

A decade ago the thought of going to space seemed inconceivable for the average human being, but now innovative companies like Blue Origin and SpaceX are building their own rockets and bringing the inconceivable down to earth. New technologies and hardware are being developed everyday that will take humanity that much closer to exploring far away stars.

MistyWest is proud to bring together a panel of space experts from leading agencies & academia to demystify space exploration and educate us on what “Space Fever” could mean for the ordinary Canadian citizen. Part of the long-running Vancouver Hardware Meetup series, this keynote and panel event will be the first of its kind for Vancouver, hosting renowned speaker John Guidi, Deputy Director of NASA’s Advanced Exploration Systems Division.

A 25-minute keynote from Mr. Guidi will focus on NASA’s plans for LEO (Low Earth Orbit) commercialization and the continued economic development of human spaceflight. The panel will focus more broadly on the evolution of space tech and the space industry, including speakers Frank Teng (CMU UX Researcher, NASA), Sue Fairburn (Design Educator and Researcher, KPU) and James Garry, PhD (Physicist, Red Core Consulting). With such a diverse panel of engineers, physicists and philosophers, the conversation should get quite interesting!


Doors at 6pm
Event from 6:30pm to 9pm


Register to attend on Meetup.

Tickets are $25 each (including two drinks and complimentary snacks). $10 Student and low income tickets available.


John Guidi, Deputy Director, NASA

John Guidi is a Deputy Director of the Advanced Exploration Systems Division with NASA’s Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate (HEOMD). Guidi joined NASA in 1987 at Kennedy Space Center with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida while later receiving a master’s degree in Space Systems in 1992 (FIT) and masters in Engineering Management, 1994 (UCF). He served various positions within Shuttle Operations at KSC, including Shuttle Test Director, Launch Manager, and Shuttle Launch and Landing Division Chief. He transferred to NASA Headquarters in 2005 as Operations Project Manager for the newly formulated Constellation Program and later as Ground & Mission Ops Program Executive. From February 2007 to February 2011, John served as Deputy Director for the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate (ESMD) Strategic Analysis Division, which provided integrated technical and management planning across ESMD. He later joined HEOMD in 2011, leading international partnerships, science integration and human spaceflight architecture strategic planning and analysis.

Frank Teng – CMU UX Researcher, NASA

Frank is a wanderer, a wonderer, and a tinkerer. He studied Psychology at Yale, where he took breaks by building steam engines, 3D printers, space balloons, and laser cut Catan boards. Combining his love for psychology, technology, and design, Frank currently studies human-computer interaction in Carnegie Mellon, where he spends most of his time focusing on translating UX research into wireframes and GUIs. As part of his capstone project, he is helping NASA build their next generation of rockets, the Space Launch System.

Sue Fairburn – Professor, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Sue is a Design Educator and Researcher who recently joined the Wilson School of Design (Kwantlen Polytechnic University). Sue works between the boundaries of the body and the environment as she uses Design as Knowledge Exchange applied to Social Design and Design for Extremes (situations and environments). She is co-pilot of City As A Spaceship (CAAS), was a co-founder of the social enterprise (Design for Development), and is Principal of Fibre Design Inc.

James Garry, PhD, CPhys, Red Core Consulting Ltd.

BioJames was once a starry-eyed physicist and gladly littered the solar system with shiny tiny things: Mars, Titan, and an improbably named comet all have his handiwork on them. James has worked with a variety of firms (medical, lithium batteries, robotics) but still looks up and wonders from time to time. Pour him coffee and ask him about near-earth resources, or feed him mangoes and mention L5. Either way he has hands-on experience of making things work in space and fancies doing it again in the future.


MistyWest is partnering with Ninkasi Brewing, who are offering a special opportunity to try Ground Control– their unique craft brew with yeast that traveled to space and back. The event will also feature fine wines from JAK’s Beer Wine Spirits.

A special thanks to our community partners Makerlabs, Envisioning Labs and Vancouver Innovation Labs.

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