Mar 9, 2019

First Principles First: Solving Really Hard Problems

What does it take to solve really hard problems and what part does using first principles play? As we face a world of increasing complexity, the ability to solve the “unsolvable” may be the difference between a surviving culture and a thriving one.

Our panel First Principles First: How to Solve Hard Problems is led by expert scientists, researchers, physicists and engineers who have sought out solving problems and projects with great technical uncertainty, requiring multi-faceted teams; problems and projects with the potential for high-impact, whether it’s improving the human condition, impacting sustainability in a positive way, or otherwise moving us collectively to an inclusively abundant future. Among this panel of experts is MistyWest cofounder Leigh Christie.


3:30PM – 4:30PM
Hilton Austin Downtown – 500 E 4th St.
Salon F


Visit the SXSW website to register for the program.


Leigh Christie of MistyWest

Lauren Cohen of Microsoft

Diba Kaya of Google

Xin Liu of MIT

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