Thurs, Nov 21 2019

From Copper to Connective Tissues: Evolving 3D Printing Technologies

We are amidst the renaissance of 3D printing. In just the last decade, prosumer printers have become more widely available (at more affordable prices), and materials and their uses are becoming more versatile. We can now 3D print larger, faster, and stronger, which means manufacturers better keep up!

Join us at ‘From Copper to Connective Tissues: Evolving 3D Printing Technologies’ for a fascinating panel discussion between local experts in 3D bioprinting, metals, and additive manufacturing for prototyping.


Thurs, Nov 21 2019 at 554 E 15 Ave

Doors at 6pm
Event starts at 6:30pm
Ticket prices include snacks and refreshments.


Tickets for the event can be purchased on Hardware Massive.


Dan Gelbart,
Founder of Rapidia

Dan is the founder of Rapidia, a company that developed a novel 3D printer for metals. He co-founded Creo Inc. in 1984 and served as President and then CTO until July 2005, when Creo was sold to Kodak for $1 Billion USD. He also co-founded Kardium, a medical device company that has developed a revolutionary atrial fibrillation treatment and will soon be shipping products. Dan developed the technology which FedEx used to become the first shipping company to offer instantaneous tracking. Dan’s innovations have been documented in 125 US patents.

Simon Beyer,
Founder & CTO of Aspect Biosystems

Simon is responsible for the development, planning and execution of Aspect’s 3D bioprinting product portfolio, which includes 3D bioprinting systems, microfluidic printheads, software, and bioInks. Simon leads the Engineering team to develop core technology, support tissue development programs and launch products. He is one of the original inventors of the bioprinting technology Aspect Biosystems employs and is deeply involved the company’s technical efforts across all verticals.

Diego Castanon, Director of Mechanical Design at NewPro3D

Diego is one of NewPro3D’s founding members. He has had a broad range of responsibilities at NewPro3D. He has designed, manufactured, and assembled multiple 3D printing machines from scratch, and later overseen the mechanical, electrical, and software development for NewPro3D. He has 5 years experience in converting concepts and ideas to customer-ready products.

Patrick Wirt, Production Manager at ForgeLabs

Patrick has hands on experience working with a variety of large industrial 3D printing technologies, producing parts for a number of applications across many industries. He is a co-owner of Forge Labs, a local 3D printing company which was created to answer the needs of the additive manufacturing industry by offering the most diverse additive technologies in Canada.

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