Thurs, Oct 29 2020

The Dark Side of Tech

Chip implants from employers. Facial recognition software. Delivery drones. Technology is making our lives more convenient than ever before. But with the ever increasing convenience, there lies increasing risk – risk of hackers, security breaches, surveillance. Even our personal fulfillment has come under the grips of algorithms and computers, dictating our interests, purchases and political ideologies.

We rely so much on our computers, our phones, and our wireless devices we can no longer imagine life without them. Should we really be putting so much trust into our tech?

Just in time for spooky season, we will be taking a look at the dark side of the technological revolution in our next virtual Vancouver Hardware Meetup. From teen depression rates to AI with racial bias, we’ll discuss the unintended negative consequences of new technologies and the ethical implications when designing new technologies that blur the boundaries of our personal privacy and autonomy.




Andreas Putz
Computer Scientist at MistyWest
Mike Nasseri
Urban Futurist, Director Of Innovation at Arctic Indigenous Innovations Inc.
Sarah Butterfield
Cofounder of Dreams Unlimited Ltd
Moderated by Farheen Taquee
Project Manager at MistyWest
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